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The Delray Beach Market

The Delray Beach Market opened its doors in April of 2021, boasting itself as the largest food hall in Florida.  According to Delray Beach Market website, “Delray Beach Market is more than just a food hall – its a lifestyle experience, a beacon of bright energy, a place to connect, a space for visitors to savor and celebrate the vibrance of Delray Beach. Bites to satisfy any craving, craft cocktails, visionary art, immersive pop-ups – here they all collide in unexpectedly delightful ways, creating a unique and playful destination for gathering and soaking in the coastal flavors of this quirky urban beach town.”

“The Market” as it’s commonly called boasts over 26 different vendors, with over 85% including food.  The website that they have created is extremely easy to navigate to get any type of information you might need.  The Delray Beach Market hosts many events, maintains several happy hours, is open breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
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